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Gotham Children provides effective, interactive, highly-individualized Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programs for New York children and their families.

Home-based ABA

A team of therapists and a supervisor will get to know you and your child and develop programming that is specifically right for your child. Comprehensive assessments and parent interviews are conducted at the beginning of the service to guide programming. Supervisors provide parent training and therapist training in the home, and they continually adjust the programming based on  data and your child’s needs.


Early Intervention home-based ABA

Home-based ABA programming is also offered for children under age 2. Early intervention is intensive - the CDC currently recommends 40 hours per week of Early Intervention ABA. Our therapists and BCBAs will work with you to set up the program in a way that best addresses the needs at home.


Parent Training

Families seeking parent training can work with a supervisor to learn how to use ABA outside of therapy. Program supervisors can provide strategies for managing problem behaviors, teaching daily living skills, and encouraging learning opportunities throughout the day.


Educational Assessment

Our supervisors provide different types of educational assessment including Functional Behavior Assessment, VB-Mapp, C-PIRK, ADOS-2. A written report or an individualized programming is provided along with each assessment.


BCBA Supervision

Gotham children also provide onsite and distant supervision for therapists who are seeking to be certified by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).

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