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Q: What is ABA?

ABA uses the principles of behavior to change and modify existing behaviors, as well as promoting learning. ABA is the only treatment for autism and related disabilities endorsed by the American Psychological Association. Progress with ABA is objective and measurable. ABA practitioners undergo certification by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and are licensed by the New York State Department of Education as Licensed Behavior Analysts (LBA). Each Gotham Children family receives a LBA to supervise their home program.


Each child also receives an individualized set of programs based on assessment and parent needs. Therapists collect data and analyze data to ensure growth and learning. Programs can target a wide variety of skills as needed in your home such as academics (letters, counting, reading), daily living (brushing teeth, toileting, using a fork), problem behavior, and social and independent play skills.

We welcome parents to ask questions and leave comments here. We will respond to the frequently asked questions. 

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